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When business owners need a champion – someone to energize them, hold their feet to the fire, and offer radical accountability to turn them into top performers – they call Chad James.

Over the past 17 years, Chad’s combination of tell-it-like-it-is coaching and consulting has driven his entrepreneur clients to explosive levels of growth. Over $10 million worth of annual net profit increases has created an army of “forever clients” for Chad.

But that’s not the only reason people seek out his coaching and consulting services — 

Chad has been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and sold it for less than he bought it.

In other words, several years ago, Chad looked like he had it all — the kickass business, kickass income, and kickass status.

But to Chad, it was HIS ass getting kicked. His business controlled his life. Every evening and weekend, work. Vacations? Not without checking his phone like an addict 50 times a day.

Only when a mental breakdown forced Chad to reevaluate his priorities did he identify his problem — that he was smart at business, but dumb at life.

Through relentless focus on what matters to him and his family most, Chad rebuilt his business following an integral method that gives him the freedom and flexibility to live the life he’s always dreamed of, yet never achieved ‘til now — the SmartLife™ Blueprint.

Today, Chad runs his life like he runs his business — and coaches his clients to do the same:

To succeed faster and live better, make your “on-paper” priorities your “real-life” priorities. 

When not seen mountain biking the Continental Divide Trail or raising funds to support cancer survivors, Chad can be found serving the community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado with his family and friends.

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I help a variety of ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners succeed faster, live better, and create the life they’ve always imagined — without creating overly complicated systems or models to follow.


I work with you to get laser-focused on the areas of your business and life that create the greatest positive returns over time and eliminate distractions, busy work, and undesired activities to “reclaim” the life and business of your dreams.


Anyone can OWN a small business. Very few people actually create the lives they’ve always imagined with it. When you intentionally recreate a business based on your desired lifestyle and not someone else’s “should’s,” business becomes meaningful, enjoyable, and profitable.


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