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Are you truly LIVING your life?

Or are you being lived?

Mavericks Mastermind

…a community that serves as your Board of Advisors, Accountability Partners, and Kick-In-The-Ass Coaches.



Remember back to when you first started as an entrepreneur.

There was the thrill of starting something new. No longer tied down to someone else’s expectations.

You believed you could literally accomplish anything.

You may have had some family support or a loving partner that encouraged you to pursue your dream. They BELIEVED in you...and you BELIEVED in yourself! Your business quickly grew from “startup” to “grown-up” and you believed you were on your way to living the life that you always imagined.

Then the shift happened.

Those exciting days and dreams soon gave way to “the grind” of being a lonely entrepreneur.

The friends that you once hung out with now had their own families and jobs, your spouse became jealous of your “mistress” (your businesses) and you found yourself in the vast entrepreneurial wilderness dealing with your own self-doubt, fear, and anxiety daily.

You feel like the daily “hustle” is getting you nowhere—what is the point of it all? Every day you wonder, “Am I doing the “right” thing?

You’re not alone.

There are others who also feel the weight of living a life that’s nowhere near what they imagined. Living by someone else’s terms rather than feeling, living with intention. Living a life that’s free.

If you’re sick and tired of standing by watching things happen and you’re ready to gain clarity, focus on what matters, and be around talented people who help hold you accountable….

The first step is an unwavering desire to change. To live differently. To finally BE the person, the business owner you’ve always wanted to be.


This mastermind is for people like YOU who know what to do and yet feel stuck in that place of action and inaction.

This is the accountability you’ve been waiting for. Where results are measured and progress is made daily.

Forget the bells, and whistles, the distractions that you think you need to have or should do—this is where taking ACTION is a priority. No matter how imperfect. Small steps, consistently taken every day.

The result? You get more of the RIGHT things accomplished. Everyday.

...the problem with most coaching programs/courses.

More time is spent learning and “getting ready” than actually selling to prospects and providing your service to clients.

To create real growth, real momentum, ACTION is the key component.

Mavericks is for you if...

You’re a business owner, self-employed,—whether just starting out or you’re a six-figure entrepreneur—and someone whose viability is based on getting results.


Regardless of the industry, you’re in, or the niche—these tactics work.

I'm Chad James

...your no excuses, no bull-shit Coach


The life of an entrepreneur is often lived in solitude.

Sure, you have employees, contractors, vendors, and clients, but the buck stops with YOU.

Every decision is one YOU make – whether it works out or not. Every goal you set is YOUR goal – and you take responsibility whether your business achieves it or not.

After many years of business coaching sessions turned group therapy sessions, we realized it was time to provide a mastermind for entrepreneurs and business owners where they can vent their frustrations, receive “tellin’-it-like-it-is” feedback, and be held accountable to take ACTION in order to live the life they've always imagined. 

What Mavericks is Not...

This is not to inundate you with all the “should’s,” pumping you full of endless promises, or time-consuming tasks that leave you in that place of stuck-ness.

  • NOT your daddy’s networking group.

  • NOT a rave and rant Facebook group.

  • NOT sugarcoated suggestions and advice.

  • NOT for the faint of heart.

This is not the kind of Mastermind that you feel you must “live up” to some version of yourself with no actual concrete way to get there. We make it simple so you can start living your best life, TODAY.

Invest in Yourself

I provide accountability and you do the work. There’s no sugar-coating there’s no gimmick. It’s straightforward and to the point of how to get you from vision to reality.

Listen, Mavericks is a community above all else.

Be prepared to kick each other’s ass, get yours kicked, and leverage this environment of raw feedback and unapologetic accountability to accomplish more in the next 2-3 months than you have in the last 2-3 years.

Time to put on your big-girl pants


There’s one commitment needed from you when you join today.

That one commitment?


How it works


When you invest in the Mavericks Mastermind today you get all of this content from me each week and access to other entrepreneurs in the trenches, just like you. 


Rotating Themes

Our rotating themes provide the foundation for coaching content and resources for our members including planning materials, guides, documents, and member directory. The themes will be 3-5 weeks long and weekly videos will build upon the theme. 


Weekly Videos 

Each week I’ll be producing a short video for you based on rotating themes. These 15-30 minute long videos will be available starting on Friday mornings for you to watch at your leisure.  Sometimes the videos will come with worksheets or exercises for you to do if you’d like. 


Monthly Coaching Call

Our monthly All Hands calls provide discussion around monthly themes, deep-dive lessons, actionable steps to take, and an opportunity for laser coaching with Chad. 


Exclusive Slack Group

Our Slack Group fosters conversation, connection, and idea exchange with other Mavericks members to help you succeed faster.


Book of the Month

Each month you’ll have access to our selected book and discussions around key topics related to the monthly theme.


Online Best Practice Library

Access to all of our documents, templates, and tools for maximizing productivity and efficiency. 


Dedicated Team 

Your fellow Mavericks are your new entrepreneurial support system. The group is carefully assembled to achieve the highest levels of connection, commitment, and challenge.


Connect with other entrepreneurs in a supportive, action-oriented environment.

Once you join TODAY — you've already made the FIRST STEP.

Now, it's time to get committed. 

Through the content, resources, and access to other entrepreneurs in the Mastermind, you come away with an action plan and objectives– which your fellow Mavericks will hold you to account for.

Being held accountable by your colleagues ensures that you maintain the disciplined behavior necessary to succeed in your business. 

And whenever you want guidance on a decision, need veteran minds to bounce ideas off of, or have a new idea that needs to pass through the gauntlet of critical feedback, your Mavericks Mastermind Slack group is the go-to source for collective wisdom.

"Chad truly understands the trials of the small business owner and I found his breadth of knowledge to be extremely valuable. He has a keen sense of when to approach a conversation with a focus on the emotional, when to approach it with a focus on the day-to-day tactical, and when to step back and take the 40,000-foot view. And he is rock-solid on all of these approaches. I also appreciate how he's willing to work through my obstacles, yet also willing and able to call a spade a spade and give me the proper kick in the butt when necessary."

Kenny Reisman

"Chad James has an intuitive ability to bring just the right people together at the right time and hold the space in which miracles occur. I broke though being stuck in my life’s greatest passion and the fire is burning hotter than ever."

Eddie Konold

"Chad has an uncanny ability to help business owners become the success story they dreamt of becoming when they initially started their business. His experience, technique, and aptitude for business are second to none."

Jesse Wicks

"I have had multiple coaches in the past, Chad was the first to give me real life advice to help me with his business. So many coaches out there have no experience in running a real business, so all they can tell you is what they’ve learned from a course or program. If you are looking for real life help and advice for your business, call Chad. He is the real deal. I am proud to have been able to work with him, and to call him now, my friend."

Jay Petre

"If Chad invites you to one of his events, just say “Yes,” and adjust your calendar accordingly. His abilities as a facilitator, curator, and strategic thinker, coupled with his gift for making everyone feel like a valued friend are just some of the reasons why he is able to attract so many great leaders to join his masterminds. If you’re not on his list, get on it. NOW. "

Tom Rubens

"Chad taught me how to run a business with much better insight, planning, and overall stress-free management. I am so thankful for his help. Today, I hardly have to spend time in my business at all these days yet make more income than ever. I will be forever grateful for Chad and his coaching and actionable steps that continue to benefit me everyday."

Tom Schmuke


Through the content, resources, and access to other entrepreneurs in the Mastermind, you come away with an action plan and objectives– which your fellow Mavericks will hold you to account for.

So, what's the cost?

How much would you invest to hold you accountable?

I'd pay somebody $100 a week - or more - to hold me accountable, and challenge me to uplevel.

Getting stuff done each week is worth more than that to me, and probably to you, as well. 

Let's look at that a little closer... 

So $100 x 52 weeks = $5,200 a year. 

But you can have it for only $997 for the entire year. 

That’s $997 (not a typo: nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars) for the full one-year membership in this Mastermind.

This is the entry-point for people like you who need MORE in-depth coaching with me but want to "try before you buy"

Go ahead, dip your toe in the water.

What you've been doing, what you are doing, isn't working.

If you're ready to leave the confines of your comfort zone and do what it takes...

Join TODAY and see the results yourself.


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